Register your profile

Only basic, non-identifiable information will be made available online to protect privacy of each individual. A candidate will have to register to get more details from us.


  1. Register your profile by filling in this Registration Form.
    • Your data will be saved on to a secured database.
  2. A consultant will contact you to verify details provided.
  3. The consultant will then work with you to find a suitable match.
    • You can browse profiles with very minimal non-identifiable details. In order to get more information about a profile or to get in contact with a potential match, you will need to go through the consultant.
  4. The consultant will reach out to the other candidate to seek their interest.
  5. Details will be exchanged if both parties agree.
  6. The consultant’s work is complete once direct contact has been made.

The purpose of the matchmaking function is to arrange initial introduction only. Our involvement will cease at the introduction of prospective matches. All additional information, reference checks and further discussions are the candidates’ personal responsibility. Please ensure you do your own due diligence.

We take no responsibility for the actions and/or views of any candidate utilising this service and we do not offer guarantees of any kind. The users of this service agree that CiPA or any of its volunteers cannot be held to any claims of damages potentially resulting from the provision of this service.