Registering your marriage (Victoria)

In order to register your marriage, as per Australian Law, you need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

  2. Be married by a registered civil marriage celebrant or an authorised minister of religion.

  3. Have 2 witnesses attend your wedding ceremony.

OR you can get married at the Victorian Marriage Registry.

For more information, please visit: Births, Deaths and Marriage Victoria.


Marriage Registration & Spouse Visas


Australian Partner Visa

To apply for an Australian Partner Visa, you need to first apply for Australian Partner Visa (Temporary) Subclass 820, which then leads to Australian Partner Visa (Permanent) Subclass 801.

There are visas for applicants who are off-shore (not in Australia) and on-shore (already in Australia).

For more information, please visit: Department of Home Affairs