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We will provide useful links to Islamic texts, videos, lectures, blogs, duas and articles related to spouse selection and successful married life.


Disclaimer: All rights to the materials remain with their original authors and they have been linked here for easy access.


Etiquette of the Marriage Process

Our Muslim Weddings

How do you look at a Marriage

The Spiritual Dimensions of Marriage

Purpose of Marriage in Islam


From Marriage to Parenthood by Shaheen Merali


Nikah & Beyond:


For a better future by Abdul Al-Bahrani


Islamic Marriage handbook by Syed Athar Hussain Rizvi


Marriage and Morals in Islam by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi


Dua’s for Good Matrimonial Relationship –


Finding and being a winning spouse:

Husband and wife roles; Society vs Reality:


Duas for Pre Marriage/Spouse selction/Proposals Duas & Islamic Etiquettes:


Sample nikah contracts:

Coming soon –

Better understanding nikah contracts and other formalities will be part of the workshops offered to Bride/Groom-to-be.