About Us

Finding a suitable spouse or a soulmate is the most important factor in a successful marriage. Created in Pairs is a project that was designed post analysis of the community needs, to actively assist individuals/parents living in Australia to find suitable spouses for themselves/their children within the country. Advise from various Islamic Scholars from across the globe and community leaders informs our processes. All our services will be conducted under the guidance of Islamic scholars. We aim to provide services that fill crucial gaps.

These services are available for all Shi’ah Muslim singles who are 18+, living/wanting to marry in Australia, and are looking for a spouse. Our services are not restricted to any ethnicities.


Our services will include;

  1. Islamic Education provided by renowned Scholars and/or experts in the field, to better understand marriage and spouse selection through an Islamic lens. This will include Bride/Groom-to-be workshops. Read more…

  2. Trustworthy volunteers from local communities working with individuals to find a suitable spouse based on their preferences. This will require individuals to register themselves through our Registration Form. Read more…

  3. Providing easy access to marriage related Islamic resources. Read more…

  4. Providing basic information on marriage related Australian legal processes. Read more…


Our team is made up of highly credible, reliable and experienced volunteers from within our communities, who are already involved in the provision of matchmaking services in one way or another.

Our team will work within strict ethical and Islamic guidelines and all suitable efforts will be made to ensure confidentiality of your data.


Created in Pairs will give you an entirely different spouse searching experience! Apart from organising marriage related educational programs and resources to get you ready for marriage, our volunteers will endeavour to provide personalised service to each candidate that signs up, to find a suitable available match based on their respectful preferences. Appropriate efforts will be made by volunteers to ensure that each profile registered with us is authentic and verified.

We take very seriously the importance of keeping your personal data secure and private. All our volunteers will be held to the highest degree of integrity and trustworthiness. 

You can contact us at admin@createdinpairs.org.au for any feedback and suggestions.